Alice at work
Agriturismo Papyrus, Siracusa, Sicily

Color, decoration, and passion! Coral Gables-based visual artist and photographer Alice Goldhagen has an ongoing passion for South Florida and beyond—especially France, Italy, and Israel. She brings a 21st century perspective to images from South Florida and also the cities/countrysides of different regions of the world.

For over twenty-five years she has traveled extensively through the French, Italian, and Israeli cities and countrysides capturing the essence, charm, and spirit of these countries.

Her images from Paris, Provence, Venice,  Sicily, or Tel Aviv, for example, feature landscapes, architectural details, doorways, markets, local color, and various unique forms that can be found all around us.

Her images are about color, beauty, animation, and ornamentation with a unique style employing observation and composition bringing the images to life.








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