Agriturismo Papyrus is a 19th century farmhouse located in a citrus grove of Sicilian oranges and lemons several miles from Syracuse in Sicily.

The property is next to the Ciane-Saline Nature Reserve and known throughout the world for being the only existing site (besides the banks of the Nile in Egypt) where papyrus grows.

I was invited by Christa, the owner, to photograph the Agriturismo. I selected the main entrance as the location for the main photo. Please notice the hand painted historic Sicilian cart (Carretto) which was brought out of the onsite Sicilian country museum and the handpicked papyrus that was placed in the ceramic pots. My tripod and I were hoisted up on a ponte elevatore (cherry picker) and I took several photographs.

The stone structure of the farmhouse with the slanted barrel tile roof were very important architectural elements. Also, the contrasting terra cotta walls and courtyard tile dictated my selection of this photo.

This photo was selected and can now be seen on as the the lead photo representing Agriturismo Papyrus. It was a wonderful and very special experience for me! 

Here is the photo used on

Agroturismo Papyrus